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Some of our Work………… 


Queenstown RV Repairs and Fabricates Complete Build-outs of Commercial Vehicles.



(FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation


Queenstown was referred to this department by the Metro Transit Police. This units generator brackets had broken away from the body of the truck. We redesigned and fabricated and welded a new frame for the generator.

Goodies Ice Cream Truck

Complete Build-out

Queenstown designed and fabricated the interior of this unit which included installing the generator, plumbing, stainless steel walls, electrical wiring, fresh water tank system, grey water tank and all appliances.


DC Metro Transit Police

Mobile Command Unit

The District of Columbia has several Command vehicles provided by Department of Homeland Security. Queenstown recognizes the importance in keeping the vehicles on the road. We rewired the slide-out alarms and wind sensor for the awning.

Deamonte Driver Dental Project 

Prince george’s County Health Department

Queenstown has maintained and stored the dental vehicle for more than 10 years. We prepare the vehicle for its schedule to visit P.G. County elementary schools.

PG COUNTY HEALTH-cropped.jpg

Wellness on Wheels

THE Prince george’s County Health Department

Queenstown completely remodeled the interior in order to extend the life of the vehicle for Prince Georges County Health Department.

Kaiser Permanente

Health Care

Queenstown has been servicing Kaiser's mobile units for more than 10 years. We recognize the importance of keeping it on the road. We maintain the total vehicle along with its hydraulic systems and leveling and slide-outs.


Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

WSSC has a large fleet of specialty units serving the DC metro area.  Queenstown provides fabrication on existing units, such as installation of automatic steps and repairing interior lighting.


Motorcycle Trailer


Queenstown built and installed a generator slide along with the generator itself. We wired for AC power and installed the AC unit for this motorcycle trailer.


Two-Chair Mobile Barber Shop

Barber shop

Queenstown designed & fabricated its first mobile barbershop.



RichKat cigar Trailer

Queenstown remodeled existing interior.


DC Metropolitan Police

Impaired driving enforcement unit

We maintain the mobile command unit for the Metro Metropolitan Police. We have rewired the slide-out alarms and wind sensor for the awning.

Family and Medical Counseling

Family medical Care

Queenstown designed and fabricated the interior for this mobile medical unit.

Children's National Medical Center

Children’s health project dc

Queenstown has been repairing Children's National Medical Center mobile units for more than 10 years. We maintain vehicle systems including hydraulic systems, generators as well as the plumbing and heating systems.

Irie Cafe - Ya Mon Food Truck

Jamaican food truck

Complete Vehicle Buildout. Customer provided vehicle and Queenstown RV built to County specs. We have built more than 50 food trucks in the DC area.

mama baby bus new wrap_cropped.png

Dimensions Healthcare

Sponsored by March of Dimes

Queenstown has provided drivers for this unit for the past 2 years and currently maintains the vehicle for its scheduled clinical outings.



Recreational Vehicle



us navy boat axle repair.jpg

US Navy Boat

U.S. Naval Academy

Queenstown repaired the axle on this boat trailer for the US NAVY




DAMAGED ROOF - before / After

Queenstown does insurance claims.

Queenstown RV - Beltsville


Located in Beltsville, Maryland - right off 495 beltway